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[FREE] Train Video Editing Material Download | Instagram Reel Viral Video

Hello guy's, How are you. I hope you all are doing great. In today's blog we're going to see how to make instagram reel viral train video with Shake effect. So without wasting time let's get it on.


As in above thumbnail you can see some details about video and how i have made that video. You can also make the same video as i made, but to make this viral train and shale effect video you have to follow some simple steps that I have mentioned below.

App Required to make this instagram reel viral video -

To make this video i have used Cap-Cut application. This Application is not available anyway, to download this app you have to just click on below app download button and you'll be able to download CapCut app.
Also you have to download VPN to run this app and to use all features of this app. You will find VPN app link also, Just download it and install it.

Dhriya Graphics
Version 4.5.0
By Dhriya Graphics
Latest Version
Updated On 22 september 2021
Category       Video Editing
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The Audio music I have used in this video is given below. For here you can download it directly or you can download full zip file with all material.

Steps -

  1. Open VPN.
  2. Get connected to any VPN server. (except Indian servers.)
  3. Now open CapCut app.
  4. Select New Project.
  5. Now select the train Video that I have given in below file. After that click on add button.
  6. Go t the end of the project and delete the ending preview of capcut app.
  7. Now go to sounds and select audio that I have provided.
  8. Now click on + icon in right side of timeline and add images that you want to add in video.
  9. Adjust them over high beat as per your Need.
  10. Select 1st image and go to Animation and select Combo.
  11. Apply Pendulum 1 effect for 1st image.
  12. Select 2nd image and apply Pendulum 2 for that image.
  13. Now select 3rd image and apply Pendulum 1 for that image.
  14. Apply pendulum 1 and pendulum 2 effects one after another or all images.
  15. Now your video is ready to export.

I hope you have understood above Steps. I have tried to simply them for you. If you're facing any problem while making video feel free to ask or you can comment your opinion in comments below.

This Type of Train and shake effect video is very popular nowadays and getting millions of likes and comments on Instagram reels. You can also make a simple video like this by following above steps and be viral on Instagram reels. This type of videos get viral in few times and your followers on Instagram will increase if you make this kind of videos.

The material required for making video like this are given below you can download that easily or you can download that by visiting our telegram channel.

Train Video 7mb

I hope you have enjoyed the article and for blog posts on Instagram reels and how to make reel videos for Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram and dm me or share the video that you want to make. After that I'll deliver the articles like this on Instagram reel.

Thank you!

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