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Shake + Beats Sync Effect Stetus Video Editing | Alight Motion

Hey guys,

What's up, from last few days we're not regular due to some personal reasons but now came back with fire 🔥. 

About new Concept. 

From now we are launching new and interesting topic in our YouTube as well as blog namely Video Editing ( Kinemaster, Alight motion, Power director, and etc.). By your requests and lovable Comments I decided to Launch this for You all. I hope you enjoy this and be with me in this journey. 

About Beat+Shake Effect Video Editing In Alight Motion .

So we have newly launched this concept on our channel that I mentioned above, so in this article we are gonna learn about Beat+ Shake Sync effect and how we can make a whatsapp or any video stetus using this effect in our Phone/mobile Using Alight Motion App. 
To make this Type of effect video first of all you need Alight Motion Application that is available on Google play store and Also on Apple app store, from there you can download this. 
In Alight motion there are many types of effects available and lot many customization options available for our project. By using this effects and options we can make beat+ Shake Effect In alight motion. But here I have provided that beat+ Shake Effect for you that I made, you can also make your own Effect like me in alight motion. To know how we can make beat+ Shake Effect Click Here.
Now let's see How we can Make Beat+Shake Sync video stetus Step by step. ( refer screen shots for better understanding. )

Steps :-

  1. Click on the link of beat Marked project that I give below, You'll be redirected to Alight Motion App. After redirecting click on Import button as shown in below screen shot.

  2. Now beat Mark project  imported in your alight motion app, Click On + icon and then click on add song button (if song is already exist then skip this) and select song, click on + button and import song from your device. (Song and images I have provided you in file and the all links in the description of our YouTube video.)

  3. Again click on + icon and now add images as per Marked section. Adjust images perfectly in Marked intervals. (You can add any image there is no limitationon sequence.)
    (Here we have used Images Of Indian Actress Rashmika Mandanna, you can use your own images also.)
  4. To Make fit images to canvas you have to select image and click on 3 dots that are on top right Corner, there you'll found options to do that. Select Fit screen option on From That.
    Follow step 4 for all images.

  5. To add beat+Shake Effect Click on link below of beat + Shake Effect, that will redirect you to Alight Motion. Import that project  in alight motion. Now select image and go to effects, in bottom left corner you'll see three dots. Click on that and copy effects.

  6. Go To Our Main Project. Select image and click on effects tool. Click on pest effect button. And effect will be applied to your image that you selected. 
    Follow step 6 for all images.
  7. Now add Rectangle and go to color tool, select gradient type and make gradient as on top transparent and bottom black. Adjust it on canvas. Select that rectangle layer and stretch it from start to till end of project.
    (you can also use shadow png here.)
  8. Add CRUSH name pmg image that I provided to you on that shadow layer. And adjust it by your need. 
    (You can add any other also that you like.)
  9. Now you're project Is ready to export. 
I hope you have Understood Above Steps. To see the preview of Stetus Video That we made You Can Visit Our Youtube or Instagram

Get all material Here.

The material Requested For this Type of stetus video editing that I have provided on below link. Click on that and you'll redirected to our next page there you'll found all links of material including all effect.

Next instructions about downloading will be given on next page.

If you facing any problem while editing please feel free to ask and to make all steps clear watch out YouTube tutorial below.

I hope you've enjoyed the article and if you liked this then share it with your friends and family.

Thank you!

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