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Dhanteras Banner Editing Material Download Free (धनतेरस बॅनर एडिटींग)

Hello guy's, How are you all, I hope you'll are doing great. Today in this article we'll talk about how to make dhanteras Banner in mobile phone using PicsArt and PixelLab Applications. So let's get started.

In this article I have provided all material required to make this awesome banner design. You just have to Download that and have to follow some simple steps to make this Poster. 

I have made this Dhanteras banner Design in both PicsArt and PixelLab Application, to make your work easy I have provided a PixelLab .plp file that you can adit as per your requirement.

Download Banner

In above banner/poster you can see the demo of dhanteras banner that I have made using material that i have provided below. 

You have to just follow steps that I have mentioned in YouTube Tutorial below. You can watch both PicsArt and PixelLab Tutorial.

Download Elements

Download Material :-

To Download material just click on button below and subscribe me in youtube, after subscribing link will be get Unlocked. Using this material you can make dhanteras banner using your own idea as well or you can make banner as i have made. If you're facing any problem while designing or downloading material, feel free to ask.

By following below steps you can download Material. 

Note : File Is Password Protected.
Reference : To Get Password and Download link Subscribe by clicking on button below.

Dhanteras Password :- DHANTERAS21
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Download .plp File :-

To Download .plp File Follow Below steps and after that link will be visible to you. After that you can download PixelLab .plp File. If you're facing any problem while downloading feel free to ask.

Dhanteras .plp File Password :- DHANTERAS21
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