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How to Make Logo for Banner Design | Free Logo .plp file | 10+ Logo design Ideas

Hello Friends, I hope you all are doing great. In this blog we're going to see how we can make logo for our banner design. You'll get lot many information about logo designing and many other things also, so real full article and you'll surely enjoy it. So let's get it on.


In above thumbnail you can see the demo of logo that I have made for you, but there are templates other than this also. I have provided you a PixelLab .plp file that you can download and easily edit it as per your Need. You can make your own logo using that .plp templates.

What is logo ?

Logo is the symbol or design that companies or organizations use as their special sign. Logo is so important for branding of our products. Every company has it's own & unique logo. Same Logo cannot be reused by other companies due to copyright issues.

The .plp file that I have provided to you, In that I have made total 7+ Logos that will definitely impress you. I have mentioned steps below just read that and you can make your own logo also.

How to make logo ?

To make logo you have to download PixelLab Application from Google PlayStore. After that follow steps below.
  1. Download. Plp file that I have given below.
  2. Extract that plp file using password.
  3. Copy folder include that zip file.
  4. Go to internal storage and find PixelLab folder into it.
  5. Open PixelLab folder > Presets > paste the folder that we have copied.
  6. Now open PixelLab.
  7. Go to 3 dots in upper right corner.
  8. Select open .plp file.
  9. Now select logo file that we have added just now, Take back.
  10. Now you can edit by just selecting elements that you want to edit. (Go to layers option if layers are locked. )
  11. You can edit text, color or any element as per your Need.
  12. After editing you can save your logo with background or without background also.
Above-mentioned steps definitely helps you. 

Download Fonts Used (Poppins Font-famil):-

To make logo I have used Poppins font. This font you can directly download from Google Fonts or you can aslo download from link given below. Here i have provided all Poppins font family. Download Poppins Font Family!

This font is widely used by many designers and web developers across internet. You definitely like this font. To Download this font just click on above link.

Download .plp file Free

I have provided you a Pixellab .plp file. This file is specially designed for PixelLab user. Whether you can make Logos using manually material and fonts also. But to make your work more easy I have provided this to you. You just add this .plp file into your PixelLab and then you'll be able to edit it as per your Need.

Download .plp File
If you don't know how to use .plp file or have no idea about how to add .plp file into PixelLab, then please read steps mentioned above and then you'll get idea about it.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and loved logo that I have made for you. If you're facing any problem then please feel free to ask. Or you can just watch Our YouTube Tutorial.

Thank You!
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