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Ganesh Visarjan (गणेश विसर्जन) Banner Editing with Free PixelLab .plp file

Ganesh Visarjan Banner Editing material download free.

Download PixelLab .plp file free Here only. 

As we know on 19 September 2021, Anant Chaturthi (अनंत चतुर्थी) Is there and on the day ganesh visharjan festival aslo celebrated by every Indian families. On this occasion I have designed a banner that you can see in above preview. Material required for this banner is given below. That material you can download very easily and you can also make banner like me in your phone using PicsArt Application. 

Also I have provided PixelLab. Plp file so that it'll be easy for you to designed this banner in pixellab also.

I have made a YouTube tutorial on it that you can watch on my official YouTube channel also Subscribe my YouTube channel for more interesting and informative videos On banner editing like this.

Thank You !

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