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Ganesh chaturthi (गणेश चतुर्थी) आतुरता आगमनाची (Coming Soon) Banner Designing Material Download

Hey Designers, what's going on. Today Here i'm with my new and interesting blog full on new information. Guy's Today we're going to see how we can make a Banner Design for ganesh chaturthi (आतुरता आगमनाची). I have created a design that definitely blow your mind and you definitely going to love that. So let's get it on and see how we can make that design by just following some simple steps. 

Ganesh chaturthi Thumbnail

In above thumbnail you can see the demo of banner that I have designed also i have uploaded original banner below. To make banner like this very easy and interesting to learn new things. I have created this banner in a well known application for designing and editing called as PicsArt. This app is available on both Google PlayStore and AppStore you can download it from there.

Ganesh chaturthi banner
Download Banner

As you can see above image that is of ganesh chaturthi (आतुरता आगमनाची) we have made. This banner Design you can Download by just clicking on below download banner link and your banner well be get download. That you can put on your whatsapp stetus or Instagram stories also you can share it with your friends and family by any social media. These days we can't celebrate festivals together but we can wish them by just sending such warm-hearted wishes ❤.

To Make Banner like this you have to follow some simple steps that I have mentioned below.


  • Open PicsArt Application (download PicsArt from Google PlayStore or AppStore) and go to the folder that contains all material.
  • Now select background image that i have provided in material file.
  • Click on add images and again go to the folder. Select ganpati bappaa image from there and add it on background.
  • Erase unwanted area and edges by Erase tool. Set image properly on background as I have set and save that much by clicking on save in upper right corner.
  • Now go to effects tool and Open SIMPLE effects pack. Now select BRL2 effect from that and set fade 15%.
  • Click on add images and add calligraphy png and quote png fron folder. Set it on upper left corner as I have done.
  • Now add outline png. Apply Overlay blend effect to it and erase area of upper left corner and at the bottom on right corner. Save the Design.
  • Go to effects tool, select SIMPLE pack and Apply Dodger effect with 20% fade value.
  • Now go to fx pack and select HDR effect, set fade value 80/85/90 % as you want.
  • Now your Banner Design is ready and you can save it into your device.

You can make changes as you want and make banner with your own ideas. Also you can mention me on Instagram @_kunalmemane

By following above mentioned steps you can make banner design like me. The material required for above Banner design that all I have provided below for Free. To Download Material You have to click on Download button. After that just follow some simple steps and download material very easily. 

I hope you have enjoyed the blog. If you liked it then please share it with your friends and family. Also if you want to know more things like this and learn banner Designing in Marathi then you can subscribe me on YouTube

If you're facing any problem while making Banner then you can watch our YouTube tutorial by clicking below video. Or comment down your problem in comment box and I'll definitely answer it. 

Thanks for reading our this blog stay safe stay connected.

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