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Cartoon Miniature Image Editing In Mobile (New Trending Concept)

So Hey Guys, How are you. Today in this article we'll see about the new trend that is being more popular everywhere nowadays is Cartoon miniature photo/image editing (For Profile Photo, Whatsapp DP, Stetus,Instagram Story, Etc.). So please be with me through the article and enjoy it 😉. 

In above thumbnail image you have seen that how actually the final output Cartoon image looks like. You can also make your own Cartoon miniature image by following simple steps that I have mentioned below. Also you can see some Samples that I have created. 

To make this kind of design we have to take help of a app called as ToonApp That is Available on both playStore and App Store. You can download easily. But it'll show some ads to you and it takes lot much time to do our final design. So You Can Download This Apk mod Form Our This Article and use it for free without any ads and you don't have to purchase any plan for it. It is totally free and ads free. ToonApp Mod Apk Full Unlocked 🔓 Version I Have provided below you can download it easily and install it in your phone/ Tab and take it's use to make our design. 

So Let's see what Step we have to follow to make Cartoon Miniature type of design.

Steps -
  • Go To Play Store/ App Store and Search ToonApp. You'll found a app there, Download It And Install It in your phone. 
  • Otherwise You Can Download App That I Have Given Below. Is Mod Version Of ToonApp and it'll provides you all the features are available in official App but main thing is this app doesn't contain any ads and it is totally Unlocked Version, it means that you don't have to pay anything for it and you're getting all the future free. 
  • Open The App
  • Select your image of which you have to make Cartoon Miniature design. 
  • Crop it properly and click on OK button.
  • After some rendering you'll found that your vector image got created.  
  • Now at bottom you'll found many options. From which you have to select 2nd option. (Refer ScreenShots).
  • You'll found ruler tool on upper Right Corner. Click on that and erase extra part of our vector image.
  • By zooming out the image set it properly on the head of Cartoon miniature image provided by app itself. 
  • Take your time and by adjusting the image set it properly over the head of Cartoon miniature. 
  • To change background you'll found some numbers of effects and background images there. Now select 2nd one and check which one you like. There are total 32 types of background but I'll suggest you only 1st and 2nd because these looks cool. (Refer ScreenShots).
  • Now click on Apply button and save your final design in your device. 
  • Done.
These are some simple steps that you have to follow while making the trending Cartoon miniature image by using ToonApp In Mobile.
Sample Designs :-

Bellow is the link to download ToonApp Mod Apk Full Unlocked Version Free. 
Just click on that and follow instructions as given.

By Using this app make awaysone designs and Cartoon miniature image, Share with your friends and family To impress them and also share your Cartoon miniature on every social media you using 😉.
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If you're facing any problems while downloading then please watch our YouTube Tutorial Video To make all things clear and it'll be easy-to-use apk for you. Click Bellow.

Thank you for reading my article. Please tell me about how was your experience and what i have to improve and you opening about this article below. 
Thank You!
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