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What is PixelLab .plp File ?

What's Up guys, Welcome back to our blog and I hope you guys are doing absolutely right. Today we have question called what is plp file in pixellab ? How you can use plp file ? And how to create and share plp files with your friends ? So here i'm gonna explain you all about it and also i'm sharing 1 plp file of Thumbnail that you're seeing below from my side for free. So let's get started.

What are .plp files

.plp files are basically the files that you can save in your device which are created in PixelLab and are able to make changes in future in that design. You can save your project as a file with extension .plp not the jpg image it means that you can edit that later if you want to. Also you can share that file/project with your friends and wherever you want.

How to create .plp File.

Just open PixelLab and make a design that you want to make and want to save as a plp project file. After making the design go to save icon and click on save as a project. Now rename you project and click on ok button. And 💥boom your plp file is created. That's very simple NO! 
So let's check now whether our plp file Is created or not. Go to 3 dot on upper Right Corner and click on open .plp file. You can see there your .plp file is created. That plp file you can edit again and make any changes you want any time further. 

How to use .plp file.

To use .plp file you can directly import you project by clicking on 3 dots on upper Right corner and in open .plp file tab by just clicking on the file that you want to edit. 
But if someone shared that file with you the what to do! Copy that file which is shared with you by anyone. go to your file manager and then go to internal storage. Search for PixelLab folder, in that folder you can see project folder, open that folder. Paste Your zip file in that folder and extract that zip file. 
Now go again in PixelLab and then go to 3 dots on upper Right Corner. Select open .plp file option. You can see there your .plp file is get imported successfully. now to open your plp file just click on that file and you are free to edit that file as your requirement.

How to share .plp file.

To share .plp file go to file manager after creating. Plp file in pixellab as per 1st section. Go to internal storage and search for pixellab folder. Click on that and inside that you'll found projects folder,open that. Now search the name of file that you have given while creating .plp file PixelLab. Select that folder and compress that folder to zip file. Now you can upload that zip file on any cloud drive and share link of that to your friends or anywhere you want to share.
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About Thumbnail .plp file.

As I said before I'm sharing one .plp file of Thumbnail from my side for free to you all. To Download that plp file you can see the button below. Click on that and you'll be redirected to our download page. And next instructions you'll found there only.

Download Button Here

If you're facing any problem while creating .plp file or using that .plp file in pixellab than please watch our YouTube tutorial below. There you'll get all information in detail and practically. 

Thank You !

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