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Maharana Pratap Jayanti Banner Editing (महाराणा प्रताप जयंती), Free Material Download

Hello Friends, I hope you all are safe and doing great. So today in this article we are gonna learn about How To Make Maharana Pratap Jayanti (महाराणा प्रताप जयंती) Banner. We all know that on 9th may there is a Jayanti Of Great King Maharana Pratap, So To express gratitude toward this we are going to make a Banner/ Poster Of it. To make this Poster you just have to Follow some simple steps  that I have mentioned below, Be with Us till the end. So without making further delay let's get started.

Above you can see the thumbnail in which we have mentioned that it is a cinematic type of design and all material provide is available in this article so you no need to worry about that I'm providing all Material and png elements used to make respective Banner to you here only.

About King Maharana Pratap.

Name : Pratap Singh. (Popularly Know as Maharana Pratap)
Born : 9th may 1540 (Rajsamand, Rajasthan, India)
Died : 19 January 1597 (Udaipur, Rajasthan, India)
Age : 56 yr.
Father : Udai Singh
Mother : Maharani Jaivanta Bai
Religion : Hindu

As mentioned above Maharana Pratap was born in Hindu family To Udai Singh and Maharani Jaivanta Bai. He has 3 elder brother having 2 stepsisters. He get married to Ajabde Punwar Including other 10 woman and have 17 childrens.

About Banner Concept.

Below You can see the actually concept and poster/ Banner that we have made. This is the cinematic Poster editing concept. It includes All cinematic material and other things Required for designing. 
Download Banner

All material required for it is provided on link given after the steps given below.

Steps : 

Step 1 :- 

To Make this Type of design we need To use 2 apps.
1. PicsArt 
2. PixelLab 
In PicsArt we are going to make actually design and in PixelLab we edit all the text which we have used to make this design. Text editing is quit simple so i'm not going to explain much on it but well se detail of Actually Banner design in PicsArt. So install This 2 Application if you don't have it. 
But it contains watermak, No problem Just Visit Our Telegram Channel and Get This apps In Mod and Unlocked Version.

Step 2 :- 

Open PicsArt and Select Background that i have provided to you in zip File. Add Maharana Pratap, Mountain Png and Cloud png on it by using add photo tool. Set Then property On Background.

Step 3 :- 

Select this png images one by one, Go to adjust tool and make it's saturation -100%. 

Step 4 :-

Now we need to add shadow to both this png images. Select one by one go to shadow tool do below mentioned settings.
For Mountain Png :
Adjuat : Opacity- 70-80 , Blur -100
Position : Horizontal- 4 , Vertical- -1
Colour: Black 
For Maharana Pratap Png :
Adjust : Opacity-100 , Blur- 40-45 
Position : Horizontal-4  , Vertical-4
Colour : Black 

Step 5 :-

Now save the Banner and add Date png. Set it in upper left corner by adjusting it properly. 

Step 6 :- 

Add Brush, and two text png of Maharana Pratap name. Set them on right middle of the banner as shown in above Banner.

Step 7:- 

Add credit png's set footer credit at the foot alleging center and add next credit png to upper Right Corner with proper adjustment. And save it.

Step 8 :- 

Go to effects tool and select HDR effect in FX Mode of effects tool. Set fade value to 80-85%. And save the final Banner.

These are some basic steps that I have followed to make this banner. Steps may change as per personal choices and concept.
Material required for this banner is given below in zip File format so you have to download that and extract the zip file to get that all on your device.
Download link is given below. By clicking on the download link given below you'll be redirected to our download page and there you'll found all instructions about downloading.
But Before Downloading You Need To Subscribe Our Youtube Channel 😁.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and have cleared all doubts regarding to this concept. If you haven't cleared all doubts then go and watch our YouTube tutorial to see practical Tutorial.

Thank You!
Graphic designer, Youtuber, Videographer

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