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Shivjayanti Banner Editing (शिवजयंती बॅनर), Designing Material

Hey guys,
Welcome back to my blog, today i'm going to provide banner designing/ editing material for Shivjayanti (शिवजयंती). So if you're interested in it then please be with us to get information about chatrpati shivaji maharaj.

About Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj.

As we all known there was a maratha empire in 17th century and the leader and king of maratha empire was shivaji maharaj himself. Their full name was shivaji sambhaji bhosale. They were born on 19th February 1630, in Maharashtra in district pune on shivneri fort. They died on 3 April 1680 on raygad fort in maratha ampere today in Maharashtra.

Family information.

Father name : Sahaji Bhosale
Mother name : Jijabai Bhosale
Son : Sambhaji Bhosale
Wife's : Sai Bhonsale, Soyarabai, Putalabai, Sakvarbai, Kashibai Jadhav

Shivjayanti Celebration.

Shivjayanti is one of the biggest festival  celebrated in Maharashtra and all over india. But in Maharashtra it celebrate on large scale. On Shivjayanti a big celebration takes place on Shivaneri fort the birth place of shivaji maharaj situated in junnar, Maharashtra.
So on such a beautiful occasion many peoples like to give wishes to all via many ways and one of them is by Banners, posters and Flex. I have designed a banner for Shivjayanti to give wishes to every शिवभक्त. You can see below image which i have designed for you.
Download Banner

Above is the design that i have made. If you have no idea about banner designing then you can directly download it; but if you dont know about banner designing no worry I'm there for you. Let's go to our YouTube channel and Learn graphic design and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel.
To make Above banner you need some material and elements to make it in your owns. Don't worry i have provided that all material required for to make Above banner design.
Content in zip File :
  • Banner Background ( with and without text effect added)
  • All Text png
  • Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj image (FHD)
  • Date png
  • Brush png (fog)
  • Sample banner/poster 
  • other required material 
To download material required for Shivjayanti banner designing, you'll found a button below to download it. Click on that and you'll be redirected to download page. There you'll found instructions regarding to downloading.

If you have any queries regarding to downloading the file then contact with me. To see how this banner is designed look at our YouTube video below and you'll get idea how it actually made.

I hope you've understood Above information.
Thank you !

Graphic designer, Youtuber, Videographer

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