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Colour Overlay Birthday Banner Designing/Editing Concept

What is colour Overlay

Colour Overlay is a concept of applying colourful Effects to image using Different Colour Backgrounds. Color overlay is also be know to applying blending effect to photos or light leack effect to video or images. 

Colour Overlay in graphic design

In graphic design color overlay can be use in many different ways. It can be use to edit images, to make Banner for YouTube channel and YouTube thumbnails. Here we use colour Overlay in banner designing and Background editing which gives artistic effect and glare to Background. We make this all in PicsArt application by applying blend modes to overlapping item such as coloured background or coloured brush png or fog Background. 
This is concept going to be popular nowadays and so that we have designed some birthday banners using this concept and it really looks attractive. It gives awesome effect to our banner, looks cool and gives full satisfaction to client.
As shown above, I have made a design which you can see above. This is very simple design and can be easily made in android phone using PicsArt application. This is a birthday banner design made on my friends birthday ocassion to wish him on his birthday. 

About Banner Materials and Steps to make this design.

I have provided all materials requested to make this design on the link given below from where you can easily download this and make your own banner or your friends birthday banners.
Judul_gambar Judul_gambar Judul_gambar Judul_gambar Judul_gambar Judul_gambar Judul_gambar Judul_gambar
Here are some steps to make this birthday banner which I have mentioned below. Please read that steps before Designing about banner concept.
  1. After downloading zip file you'll found a Banner Background Given In that file. Now Select that Background.
  2. Add a brush png and adjust it over Background layer, give Screen Blend effect to brush png and save the changes.
  3. Add birthday boys pic on new layer and set it as you want. Ho to the effects tool and decrease saturation to -100 so that it becomes black and white. Now erase unwanted area like edges appearing on image and some lower part of image.
  4. Again add another image if you want to add and apply same steps as mentioned in step 3. And set all images in proper position.
  5. Now add a brush png as a overlay on new layer and set it on that images. Give Screen Blend effect it brush png, decrease it's opacity if it is looking too much glared. And save the changes.
  6. Now you have to add a new image to that design, set it over it as you want erase unwanted area. 
  7. Select brush png two times and set it Down below that image. 
  8. Add text png/ calligraphy png/ typography designed png name of birthday Boy/Girl over brush png and also add HAPPY BIRTHDAY png about that calligraphy or text png. Save the changes.
  9. Add some dialogue png and Date png on final design it you want to add it.
  10. Finally add your logo of designer and save it to your device.
These are some steps to make above banner design. 
All materials requested to make this birthday banner design is given below. Download it and make your own Banners.
If you facing any problems about how to make above design then please watch our YouTube Tutorial below which is available in marathi language.
I hope you have enjoyed above information, if you enjoyed it then please share it to your friends and comment your openion about above design.
Thank you.
Graphic designer, Youtuber, Videographer

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