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Dussehra / Dasara Banner Designing

Dussehra/ dashera/ Dasara (दसरा) is the typical Indian festival celebrated by all Indians on Vijaya dashami (विजया दशमी). On this day everyone worships all the equipments in their house. Students adore their books. And this year is celebrated with great joy. Ravana Dahan is a special attraction of the audience on this festival day. On this day, the instinct like Ravana is destroyed. On this day, everyone eats something sweet at home or some people even eat meat on this day. In Maharashtra, Puran Poli is a special meal for all people and everyone enjoys it. All the houses are lit. God is worshiped. Lord Rama is worshiped on this day.
Many people greet each other in different ways to emphasize the importance of this festival. On this festival, all the gold, silver and ornaments in the house are worshiped. So, my designer friends and I have come up with a design for this festival, I am giving all the information about it here.
We greet each other on the occasion of Dussehra but if some of our relatives and loved ones are far away from us, we wish them in digital form With this in mind, I have created a great greeting poster and tried to tell you how you can create it too.
I have created the design shown above. This design uses the calligraphy typography.As shown above, I have tried to create the design of Lord Rama while slaying Ravana.From the above design, you can digitally greet your loved ones through WhatsApp or Facebook. All the material I have used to make the above design has been made available by me on the following link from where you can download it very easily


After waiting for 25 seconds to download the material, you will see the download link from where you can easily download all the material. After downloading the material you can also create the design as shown above like me. I have used this app Picsart to make this design. Which will be easily available on the Google Play Store. I hope you also create the design shown above. If you have any problem in making this design, you can watch the tutorial on YouTube to make it easier for you.

Happy Dussehra To All..! | सर्वांना दसरा सना निमित्त मंगलमय शुभेच्छा..!

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