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How to make Instagram Viral iPhone Lock Screen Video Editing Tutorial [Free Material Download]

Hey guys, Welcome back to Dhriya Graphics. As always I'm here with an interesting and never seen article, In this article I'll tell you how you can make Instagram viral iPhone Lock Screen reel video for you. So let's get started.


On Instagram you have seen that many reel creator are crating iPhone Lock Screen reel video. that reel videos are viral and reel creators getting millions of views on this type of video. If you make a video like this by following this trend then maybe your video will get viral and you became famous. But how you can make this type of video? so be with me till the end and i will tell you how can you make Instagram reel iPhone Lock Screen viral video.

You can see the demo of the iPhone Lock Screen viral reel of Madhuri Dixit mam, which got more than 82 million views.

About iPhone Lock Screen Viral Reel Trend-

In the above-embedded video, you have seen that how Madhuri Dixit ma'am has made it. so basically in this type of video iPhone Lock Screen filter is playing on-screen and you have to stay steady till the audio beat, as soon as the beat play then you have to move as you want. this type of Instagram reel video got viral rapidly, so if you make this type of video it may get viral.

To make an iPhone Lock screen video you have to follow some simple steps that I have given below.


Note: Refer Screenshots to get better idea.

Step 1- Click on above embedded Instagram reel video. click here

Step 2- Then click on audio playing at bottom of reel and then after click on save audio.

screnshot 1

Step 3- Click on the back button.

Step 4- Now click on the iPhone Lock Screen text just above the username, after that click on the Use Effect button.

Step 5- After that reel recording section will open.

Step 6- Click on the audio icon, listed audio will be visible there. Click on the Saved button.

Step 7- Now select the audio that we have saved in Step 2, after that click on Done.

screnshot 3

Step 8- Now click on the record button and record the reel video as in the above demo video. You have to stay steady at the starting and after that click on the screen (to unlock the iPhone lock screen) and move as you want when a particular audio beat plays.

Step 9- After recording the reel video perfectly click on the preview button and then add viral Instagram tags with a wonderful caption. Click on the Share button to upload this awesome viral reel video on Instagram.

Screenshot 4


The audio used in this reel video I have given below, you can listen to it and download directly or you can download a zip file with other material.

The iPhone lock screen png image I have created for you is given below.

If you want to create this reel in any external app except Instagram, then you will need audio and filter or png of the iPhone lock screen. that material you can download by clicking on the button given below.
Download Material


So that's all about how to make Instagram viral iPhone Lock Screen reel video. Please comment if you like this article or if you're facing any problems while making this type of reel video.
You can also suggest some trending and viral topics so that I can write article like this for you.

Thank You!

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